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Avera Medical Minute AHH: Heart Health for the Hunt

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The number of birds may be low, but the South Dakota pheasant hunting season is in full swing. Every weekend orange vests fill the fields but is your body healthy enough for the hunt?

For Jakup Wilson a Saturday at Scheels isn't out of the ordinary.

"I hunt, mostly ducks and geese, pheasants and other birds." Said Wilson.

Many hunters head to the Scheels sports superstore to load up on all the hunting necessities before heading out to the fields. But to kick off the season, Scheels and Avera Health have teamed up to screen men for heart disease.

"I haven't been to a doctor to have a physical in a few years so I figured I might as well come see how I'm doing." Said Wilson.

Most men are like Jakup, a little stubborn when it comes to going to the doctor. But heart disease is a dangerous thing to brush aside. Walking the fields, waiting for your bird to flush is an exhilarating experience but the stress and fatigue of the hunt could also trigger a deadly reaction.

"A lot of times there are no symptoms so patients don't know that they have it and you don't know that you have it until you actually get out in the field and end up having chest pain or some type of heart attack." Said Dr. Chad Thury, a family physician with Avera Medical Group McGreevy.

Over the years, this health screen has saved many hunters from falling prey to heart disease.  
Glenn Fuerstenberg isn't a hunter but is using the free event to answer his health questions.  

"I want to learn from the experts on how to take better care of myself and how to keep all my cholesterol in check and keep my weight in check and stay healthy." Said Fuerstenberg.

The screen is like a yearly physical, measuring height and weight, checking blood pressure and blood sugars. So if something comes up it's caught here, not in the field.  

"Yeah it's definitely important to know where you're standing and then they will also show you how to do CPR in case something did happen out in the field." Said Wilson.

In addition to the health screen, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue gives a hands on lesson in CPR. Many people probably don't know the correct rhythm for chest compressions but as long as you know the Bee Gee's famous tune, you're prepared to keep others stayin' alive!  

This screening is not a doctors visit, it is a starting point. Men still need to take full charge of their health.

"The information is good it's free advice but beyond that you've got to go see your doctor and take the medication if it's needed or do the follow up that's required." Said Dr. Thury.

While the screen didn't pick up heart disease for Glenn and Jakup, there is still work to be done.

"So far so good! A little high on the cholesterol and weight but we will work on it!" Said Fuerstenberg.

"That's not too bad, my blood pressure is a little high." Said Wilson.

It's information that will be put to use so the only thing that falls in the field are the birds. If you missed out on the Scheels screening you are still encouraged to schedule a health check up with your doctor. For more information just call 877-AT-AVERA.


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