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Lawsuit filed against the Minnehaha County Detox Center alleges negligence

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People seeking help from drug or alcohol abuse may go to a detox center to get help.

But a lawsuit filed in federal court against the Minnehaha County detox center alleges it didn't help one woman.

Lawyers claim the center is responsible for the death of a woman who consumed a poisonous combination of rubbing alcohol and prescription drugs, then later died while in it's care.

KSFY News has been looking into this lawsuit.

Charleen Karr died last November at the Minnehaha County detox center.

This lawsuit alleges caregivers at the detox center didn't follow their own rules to help this woman.

And it claims a series of negligent events, which followed after Charleen called 211 to reach out for help, led to her death.

It was November 18, 2012 when police brought Charleen Karr to the Minnehaha County detox center for help after she drank about a half cup of rubbing alcohol and took prescription drugs.

But hours later, Charleen died at the center.

Now, near the one year anniversary of her mother's death at the detox center, her daughter Bethany has filed suit.

In this complaint filed in federal court by Deen Nasser of Nasser Law Offices, it states Correct Care Solutions and the county detox center were indifferent to Charleen's right to receive the necessary treatment while she was in its care.

Karr's lawyers claim caregivers were not properly trained to handle the situation and should have sought medical treatment.

Instead, the lawsuit alleges caregivers failed to follow their own procedures to assess the seriousness of Karr's poisoning, failed to read their own admission records, and failed to recognize the dangerous readings of a breathalyzer test.

Then it states they left Charleen on her own, laying face down on a bed, helpless, unconscious, unattended and unmonitored, for two and a half hours, before she died.

Now that the law suit has been received by the county commission office, lawyers for the county plan to file a response to the lawsuit.

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