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Does It Work? Stone Wave Cooker

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They look so flawless on the commercials; those "As Seen on TV" products make our lives so much less hectic,
But do they work like the claims or is it a waste of money. Nancy Naeve puts the stone wave microwave cooker to task.
If you could cook breakfast or dessert in less than a minute, without the messy clean up, you'd be more likely to make it right? The Stone Wave microwave cooker makes a lot of promises.

Take a look at part of the commercial;

"Poached eggs are such a pain to make. Watch this; crack an egg into the Stone Wave, no need for butter, fat or oil. Just pop it into the microwave for 1:00 and look a smooth velvety poached egg. Stone Ware is non-stick so eggs slide right off."
The one thing they don't tell you in the commercial (and it's not a huge deal) is you have to add water and different for each food item that's why they have items listed in there recipe book. It does make a difference how much water you put in, if it's too much it absolutely won't work.

I'm going to make a poached egg. I'm adding 1/4 teaspoon of water. They also say to add seasoning before you cook it. Slide it in the pot. Now I'm not a big fan of microwave eggs, but we'll see. They are messy if you make them in a pan and don't have a poached egg holder.

You put it in the microwave. Cook it for 20 seconds. Let it rest 20 seconds and cook again for 20 seconds. After all that we take it out and get a good look at it. Um, he's runny so 40 seconds isn't quite enough. We'll put it in again.

Alright, we've cooked this thing an extra 40 seconds and let it sit another 20 seconds. If it ain't done now, I'm throwing it away.

It's supposed to slide right out. You who? Come on! I'll get a fork. It's not supposed to leave a mess. That's a mess (egg stuck in the pot). I'm going to say this doesn't work. I'm going back to Burger King for breakfast!

It was so rubbery Nancy couldn't even try to eat it. It costs a little under $10 at Wal-Mart. I say keep your money; it doesn't live up to its promises.



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