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Does it Work? Turbo Roaster

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Holiday meals can be overwhelming, so many people, so much chaos. If you could cook your turkey in half the time, that would help free of space in the oven for the green been casserole and yams.  Nancy Naeve tries out the Turbo Roaster to see if it works.

This little gadget called the Turbo Roaster is supposed to make our holiday a lot easier. See what the commercial has to say.

"Imagine seeing a delicious 6 lbs. chicken your whole family will love, cooked to perfection in 45 minutes. The secret is Turbo Roaster's vapor infusion, delivers heat and moisture to the inside of the chicken."

This comes with just 2 parts; this little thing and a glass jar. I got a chicken because I have to tell you I have never cooked a chicken or a turkey so I'm going to opt for the easier one. I got a 5 pound chicken with all of it's giblets and giblets already out. I'm seasoned it with olive oil and salt and pepper.

We just fill up the glass jar with hot water.  Only 1/4 full for chicken, 3/4 for a turkey and it's got to be hot tap water. Then you put this over the top and screw it on.

This is going to be the interesting part. I have to stick it in the hind end--this is why I don't cook things. Now I've got to get this all in the oven. I've set the oven to 450 degrees and it's supposed to cook in half the time. A little chicken would usually cook for 2 hours, this is supposed to shorten that to 45 minutes. Ouch, that's hot. I'm having trouble getting the jar to lay flat.

Alright, here we go. Good luck buddy, I'll see you in 45.

Let's see if it's done, but there is a lot of smoke. We have to be careful not to set the jar on something cold or in cold water or it will break. The chicken almost looks like it's fried.

Is that cracked (the glass jar)? Yes, this thing is all cracked. It almost dropped on my foot. It's cracked it half.

Ok, let's look inside. That's bloody. Wouldn't you say that's bloody? I'm not eating that. It broke and didn't work in 45 minutes. Good thing we didn't get it for Thanksgiving dinner right? Oh ya.

Nancy got her Turbo Roaster online for $20. It did not live up to expectations, so no, it doesn't work.


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