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Avera Medical Minute AMcK: Some Miracles Come Sooner than Expected

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Lynsee Planting and her daughter Jaycee share a moment in the Avera McKennan NICU Lynsee Planting and her daughter Jaycee share a moment in the Avera McKennan NICU

One out of every eight children born in the United States will be born premature. Unfortunately that means many will end up in the NICU. While it's a scary and stressful situation, it's the best place for baby. For one family it's an experience they won't soon forget. One that's also given them multiple reasons to give thanks.

"There's no better place in the world in our eyes for our little girl to be right now." Said Lynsee Planting.

Jaycee Planting, is a beautiful, spunky and healthy little girl, but apparently also a little impatient. Because her family shouldn't know her for another two months.  

"The reason she had to be born was because I had severe preeclampsia and my blood pressure got very high and it could not be controlled with medication and so do to the risk factors of her with my high blood pressure and my own it was just time." Said Planting.

Jaycee and her mother Lynsee have called the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit home for the past few weeks as Jaycee's development is watched more closely. Prematurity is the main reason babies end up here but not the only reason.

"Low blood sugar is a reason why babies get admitted, infection and we can see a lot of babies especially term babies who come to the ICU for breathing difficulties and we need to try and figure out what is causing that baby to not breathe in the normal way which is then going to affect babies feeding and growth and those types of things." Said Dr. Justin Sharp, a Neonatologist at Avera Mckennan Children's Hospital.

Even if mothers do everything right, their babies can be born premature. Those final weeks of pregnancy are a very critical time for healthy development, that's why Avera McKennan has chosen not to do elective inductions or C-sections before babies are full term.

"If we can allow that to happen and allow that brain to grow within the womb as opposed to outside the womb exposed to other stressors and things like that we are going to maximize that babies potential to be all that that baby can be." Said Dr. Sharp.

The Plantings are no stranger to the NICU, in fact they went through the same ordeal four years and one week earlier.

"Our little boy was born November 2, at 32 weeks and four days. Our little girl was born November 9, at 31 weeks three days." Said Planting.

When Jaycee's big brother Wyatt was born, he had severe breathing problems and was in a much more critical condition. It's an experience Lynsee says no mother should ever have to go through.

"We went through this the first time and they couldn't tell us why it happened they said you have a better chance of winning the lottery then ever going through this again. We should've bought Powerball tickets because instead of being a billion to one shot it was a billion to two." Said Planting.

Despite the stress of the situation the plantings are able to find their silver lining. Jaycee is a perfectly healthy baby, just a little early.

"There is a reason we are back here and the staff and the support system that is available here is amazing you need to embrace it and know that you're not alone." Said Planting.

Any parent will tell you, one of the hardest parts of the NICU is being separated as a family. Especially for Wyatt, he hadn't gotten his flu shot and saw his sister for the first time behind glass.

"That's the first time he got to see her he was pretty excited saying, oh mommy she's so tiny and she's cute just like me!" Said Planting.

But the day before thanksgiving, Wyatt and Jaycee met for the first time. This family has already been through so much, but those trials have definitely brought them closer and given them plenty to be thankful for.  

"We kind of joke that our little boy was our miracle man and when this happened we said well miracles must come in pairs we're just working on the other half of ours." Said Planting.

The Plantings said their experiences at the NICU had a direct impact on the names for their children. Wyatt means strong and brave and Jaycee means healer. For more information just call 877-AT-AVERA. 


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