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Ex-boyfriend of missing Woonsocket woman recalls last meeting

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Sanborn County law enforcement continues the search for a missing Woonsocket woman.

Rachel Cyriacks was last seen November 11th at work.

Her former boyfriend tells us although they were no longer dating, his daughters had a special date planned with her in November.

I sat down with a man who dated Rachel this summer.

He told us he and Rachel had an instant, deep connection.

Their relationship was short lived but the connection didn't end there.

His daughters also enjoyed spending time with her and miss her.

Chris Larson used to date Rachel Cyriacks but it was his daughters who were supposed to have a movie date with her last month.

"I was Just trying to tell Daisy in a nice way, don't get your hopes up if she doesn't show up this weekend, she's got a lot of things going on, trying not to make Rachel sound bad," Larson said.

And they awaited her arrival with a welcome home sign.

"And then she didn't' show up, and then I was thinking that's what I thought, then all of sudden she disappeared from Facebook," Larson said.

But now that sign has a new meaning.

"And it's still up here and I didn't leave it up here for that reason but I just figured she'll come back and I didn't want to take it down. And then this happened now. So now I definitely wouldn't want to take it down for respect," Larson said.

After all, Chris shared a connection with Rachel which ran skin deep.

"It's nothing fancy, nothing like that, just wanted to get it short and sweet and show her 'hey, I'm in this' and she told me she was in it," Larson said.

And although their relationship is over, Chris has a personal message to Rachel.

"Everybody cares for you, everybody loves you, your family misses you, everybody here in Sioux Falls misses you so come back soon, I'm not sure what's going on but everybody misses you and there's a lot of people looking for you and just care about you a lot and want you back so come back soon," Larson said.

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