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Russell Street construction leaves drivers frustrated

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After a busy construction season, most Sioux Falls roadways are back to normal, except for one high traffic  area.

Russell St. remains a single lain between Kiwanis and Westport -- that's just east of Interstate 29.

Thursday, KSFY got an update on the project. Work is happening right now on the east bound bridge.

Come spring, they'll be working on the east bound lanes.

The first phase will be from the bridge up to West Ave. with a completion date of August of next year.

The final phase will be from West Ave. to Minnesota and will be finished Oct. 31.

"But we did that to hopefully expedite the entire contract knowing that if they could work on it over the winter, it would be done quicker in the spring and therefore help with the whole project," said Dena Knutson, Civil Engineer Project Manager.

KSFY's Tess Hedrick took a ride with one woman who works in the industrial park right off Russell St.

She says it takes her sometimes 10 to 15 minutes just to get to the Interstate from Russell.

It's 5 p.m. and Julie Myers is getting ready to hit the road and make the trek home.

A wave of apprehension comes over her as she's gearing up to go.

Ever since the construction on Russell Street started, her commute home varies anywhere from 20 minutes to 45.

"It's kind of hit and miss. Sometimes you can leave right at 5 and get right into the flow and sometimes you'll be backed up forever," said Myers. 

Myers says there more or less a science to navigating traffic -- trial and error you would call it.

"I tried different routes to see what was going to be faster. Then I started just taking Russell to the Interstate and that just seems to be the smoothest and I know that I may wait or I may not. So when people ask you when you're going to be home, you usually say anywhere between this time or this time," said Myers.

Myers' longer commute has become a new normal.

"Now it's just a natural way to work. You don't even think twice about it now," said Myers.

Once Myers hits the Interstate, it's smooth sailing all the way home. And she has good reason to smile this time.

"It's usually a quarter till 6, so it's usually about 20 to 25 minutes to 45 to get home from Russell to here. So we did good tonight," said Myers.

Myers says morning rush hour is much worse than evening rush hour.

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