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Brookings man traveling to India to save kids from sex trafficking

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 A Brookings man is set to leave the safe confines of home and travel overseas for a dangerous mission.

 He's not a part of the military, but he is volunteering to help fight a where money is involved and children are the victims.

 His name is Gregg Stern and he is most well known as the owner of Powershop Gym in Brookings.
 But fitness isn't his only passion.
 He has a heart....for helping those who are in real trouble. "Sometimes you can actually buy the babies like from the parents or from the hospitals that are just abandoned there that they just left them."

 Two years ago...Gregg felt a stirring in his soul...a calling from help children who are used as property; bought and sold for money then used for sex.
 In India, it is a common, almost routine business.
 And it is a sickening cycle Gregg is going to stop. "You'll find children abandoned, moms and dads will actually sell their child for money."

 Two days after Christmas, Gregg Stern will board an airplane with 13 other missionaries and fly to India...and he's taking cash. Part of what he will do in India is buy children then give them their freedom....turning them over to a Christian orphanage where they will be safe. "There will be some danger involved. we will doing a lot of outreach to slum areas...some remote villages....there will be some underground work where we will go to auctions for children that they actually auction them off."

 Gregg Stern is moved to do this because saving kids from danger is the right thing to do.
 But Gregg also has a personal reminder that the work he is doing....has a real impact. "I have a 9 month old granddaughter and the thought of just tears me apart...that someone could even do that."

 Gregg is going to India as part of the group "Crisis Rescue International". If you would like to donate money that will help Gregg buy the freedom of children and save them from sex trafficking, click this link

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