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Avera Medical Minute ASH: focusing on personal wellness

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Like the name implies, preventative care is all about treating patients before they actually become patients. Confused yet? Essentially it is doctors pushing people to the gym today, so they don't end up in the hospital tomorrow.  

"You've got that positive mental health when you feel good, you work out. The euphoria that it kind of gives you and it carries throughout your day." Said Kathy Greeneway, a member of the Avera Sacred Heart Wellness Center.

There's no doubt you just feel better after a good workout, but that stop by the gym today could also lower your risk of ending up in a hospital bed later on down the road.  

"Prevention is the next phase of healthcare we are really looking more towards keeping people healthy, keeping them out of the hospital, giving them more power to control their own health. And we know so much more about healthcare now and keeping people healthy that there's lots of ways that we can prevent them from being sick these days." Said Angie O'Connor, a exercise specialist at the Avera Sacred Heart Wellness Center.

Body weight plays a key role in health but preventative health is much more than dropping a few pounds. It's about developing a habit that keeps you body running like it should.  
Whether you're a fitness nut or a newcomer, the Avera Sacred Heart Wellness Center is the perfect place to work on your habit. Yes, it is on the hospital campus, but don't let that deter you.  

"People on the outside maybe get a little confused in why we are here but we really are here for everybody. We're here for the entire continuum and whole spectrum so being able to just offer services to people who are struggling to people who are very healthy is one of the advantages that we have on this campus." Said O'Connor.

Everyone seems to have a full schedule these days, but Avera Sacred Heart Wellness is working to fit as many time frames as possible. For Kathy, that means classes over her lunch break.

"We kind of have our own little family here at noon when we work out and it's the same group of ladies that we come and see each other and so it is just kind of like having a little family that's here at the wellness center as well too." Said Greeneway.

Not to mention, being on the hospital campus means there is a much wider variety of services at your disposal.  

"We've got accessibility to labs for testing, we have accessibility to nurses and physicians and dietitians and all those kind of things and everything is so close in proximity that we can work with outpatient services, physical therapy, and cardiac rehab but we are not just about sick people either or people that need those services, we are about healthy people too." Said O'Connor.

More and more employers are encouraging people to get in the gym through incentives like lower premiums. So whether it's spending a few minutes on the treadmill or pumping a little iron; a trip to the wellness center improves you personal health as well as financial. For more information about the Avera Sacred Heart Wellness Center just call 877-AT-AVERA. 
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