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Treacherous day for air travel across the U.S.

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It's a treacherous day for air travel.

The brutal winter weather stopped thousand of fliers in their tracks across the country.

Airlines canceled more than 2,400 flights.

KSFY News spoke with some travelers to see how they are coping at the airport.

At the Sioux Falls Airport, many people have spent the day passing time, watching TV or checking their phones, and just playing the waiting game.

As travelers make their way through the airport, there's one word no one wants to see.

Doug Nessan said "flight's canceled. And so we're going to have to wait until tomorrow, to hopefully catch a flight."

Many people with canceled or delayed flights took to their phones or laptops to hopefully book another flight or make other arrangements. And for those fortunate ones whose flights were on-time, some were still anxious to take off, to some place warm.

Jacalyn Thom said "I'm kind of a nervous flier anyway so I'm nervous until I get to where I belong, to where I'm going  to go."

"My friend just texted me and it's 70, it's supposed to be in the 70s there today and it's sunny so it will be nice to be where it's warm," Thom added.

But for travelers whose canceled flights left them stuck at the airport...

"I guess we'll find somewhere to spend the day and the night, and go over to the mall, I guess," Ness ad said.

"It's always frustrating, when you have a plan and it changes but I guess it's how you learn to deal with things like that," Ness ad added.

"I think I might go have a beer," Ness ad said.

One traveler gave us a good piece of advice for traveling on a day like this and that's 'don't check your bags.' If your flight gets canceled or delayed, you still have your clothes with you in case you have to stay overnight.

And if your bags are too big to carry on, you probably don't want to check them until your airline confirms your flight is going to take off.

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