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Keeping cars running strong in the extreme cold

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With this extreme cold, it's not only hard on our bodies but our cars.

Local auto experts say there are simple things we can do to keep our cars running strong.

"Anytime you have a weather event whether it's snow, extreme cold, anything like that. You'll have problems with your vehicle," Graham Tire's Levi Rave said.

This time of year, car maintenance should not be taken lightly.

"When it comes to 15 degrees below zero, it's all about preventative maintenance. Nothing is really designed for 15 below zero so keeping a good eye on things, preventative checks, will prevent as much as you can," Rave said.

If your car is out and about, Graham Tire expert Levi Rave said one of the biggest things you can do is warm it up before you drive.

"When things get cold, they thicken as far as fluids. Engine oil takes longer to circulate through engine and things like that. if you get in a cold vehicle, start it and drive away, there is a possibility for a little engine wear that hasn't had enough time to warm up and lubricate itself. the very worst thing you can do in this cold weather is get in your vehicle and go," Rave said.

With the temps, make sure your gas tank is full... and your tires.

"About every 9 degrees in atmospheric temperature change you have 1 PSI change in your tires. So it doesn't take long, especially when you get 40-degree variances, to have your tire pressure drop down. That will decrease gas mileage and have adverse effects on traction and checking tire pressure is very important this time of year too," Rave said.

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