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First breakout attempt in the 20-year history of the Minnehaha County Correction Center

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A failed breakout at the Minnehaha County Correction Center raises questions of whether or not the minimum security facility comes with maximum risks.

KSFY News spoke with the warden today about what is he doing to prevent inmates from making any more attempts.

The warden met with his staff today to talk about what happened and what they can do to prevent further escapes.

It's a minimum security facility, housed in a former Elks lodge.

But despite what looks like a relaxed atmosphere, it's still a place which houses inmates.

It was the first break out in the 20-year history of the correction center but warden Jeff Gromer believes there was always a chance someone would make the attempt to escape.

"It's simply due to the fact that we're holding people against their will. There's very few people who would choose to be in jail, and some folks will make the decision to leave if the opportunity presents itself. Obviously we try to limit those opportunities as much as possible," Warden Gromer said.

Ryan Quartier, 42, made his escape through this window but his hopes of freedom were quickly shattered.

"Minnehaha County patrol deputies were able to respond and the inmate was seen near the Sheraton by a passerby who reported it and he was taken back into custody," Warden Gromer said.

Which is why Gromer said his best line of defense comes down to his staff.

"They're observant. They're paying attention. They're dealing with the inmates. They know if there's something, something doesn't seem right in the blocks. The other inmates, if there's something going on, their behavior changes, it's recognizable," Warden Gromer said.

And the next step for the warden and his staff is to recognize what can be done to prevent another inmate from making the same attempt to escape.

"Anytime we have an outcome or incident that takes place, we certainly look at it, reevaluate our policies, make a determination if something needs to be changed, and if so, what it is. We'll do that with this incident just like any other," Warden Gromer said.

We've heard about many inmates who've simply walked away from work release or failed to show up, but this is the first time someone actually broke out of this building.

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