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Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Noah Brown

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 Tonight's Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week is Noah Brown from Baltic High School.
 Noah has a very impressive 3.85 grade point average.

 Noah has a very interesting story.
 He's not only got a good mind...but he also has a very good heart.

 Noah Brown works hard in the classroom on his assignments.
 But he works equally hard outside the classroom, to make sure his fellow students know they are appreciated and part of the Baltic High School community.
 For example, Noah is part of a dedicated school group....which is dedicated to making the school friendlier. "Students who would lead different groups to try to help change our school to be a little more kinder, a little more apt to know that we're dealing with a lot of things and we shouldn't be pushing each other that hard in that aspect of bullying each other in a ways....teasing each other."

 That teasing can turn mean and Noah and the group he is a part of are trying to stop it.
 And while his mind earned him Scholar of the Week honors, even his teachers, like Suzy Ries, say you can't help but notice Noah for his heart. "Noah is a wonderful student. he is very well rounded. He is academically strong but he also has incredible morals and values. He is a very hard worker. He always makes people feel like they are welcome."

 Noah says he is considering going to college at either Augustana or the University of Sioux Falls. He plans on seeking a degree in psychology because he says he wants to help people with their problems.
 And he says his desire to do that....will again also translate into work outside of the classroom. "I'd like to do a little more mentoring too. It's kind of something fun. Especially with possibly going into psychology, something working with kids and some people who might be struggling with things, kinda help them go that type of route."

 For being named our Scholar of the Week, Noah will receive a $100 scholarship from Sioux Valley Energy, which is a local Touchstone Energy cooperative.

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