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Feds cracking down on bogus weight loss aids

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Makers of a weight loss additive will return more than $26 million to consumers in settling federal charges that the company used deceptive advertising.

The company claimed consumers would lose weight by simply sprinkling the powder -- Sensa -- on their food.

The company sold a one-month supply of Sensa for $59 and urged consumers to 'sprinkle, eat and lose weight.'

"As a personal trainer, I think it's misleading and it's kind of going to that old saying of the quick fix, the snake oil salesman, elixirs of the old days -- and I just want people to understand there isn't a quick fix. There isn't a one pill fix at all. If it says it's going to cure multiple problems and it sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true," said Nick Ridenour, personal trainer and owner of Primal Nutrition.

Ridenour says abs are made in the kitchen. You need food to fuel you body.

A pill or something you can 'sprinkle' onto your food cannot replace a healthy meal.

"That's why it's called supplements. It's too supplement your healthy lifestyle, not to replace healthy foods. Some of it can help with getting the right nutrients or helping with energy but if you're not doing the circle of exercise -- healthy lifestyle, eating right and everything -- it's just not going to be worth the $50 or $60 you spend on it," said Ridenour.

Ridenour says adding lean meats, veggies and fruits to your diet can help you to achieve the results you want to see -- plus you'll just feel better.

"And then from there, once you've got the exercising down, the dieting down, all the correct foods -- then you can move into your sports supplements, vitamins, weight lost pills, things of that nature," said Ridenour.

So keep eating and keep exercising in 2014 to shed those extra pounds.



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