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Avera Medical Minute AMcK: Relieving stress through massage

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Like many people, Barbara Sogn-Frank spends most of her day at a desk. Over the work week, tension slowly starts building up in her neck and shoulders.

"So when I get to that point I come in for massage because they know exactly where to go how to release those muscles in a way that I can't do myself." Said Sogn-Frank.

That's where Sarah Shald's skilled hands do their best work. With massage she can help free up stiff and achy joints by improving circulation throughout the body. Sometimes releasing tension that has been built up for years.

"We do myofascial work which is fabulous. We forget that we don't just have the muscles and our bones we have fascia as well and if that is restricted that's going to restrict the way that we move and our range of motion as well." Said Shald.

Myofascial release is just one form offered, massage therapists are also trained in Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and trigger point massage. Whatever you need to relieve your aches and pains, these message therapists can do it.

"They just create a really relaxing environment peaceful environment they talk to me about what I need and I know that they are listening when they ask me, so I don't have a worry about it!" Said Sogn-Frank.

Exercise is also a great way to relieve stress, but sore muscles tend to come along with it. That's where massage can help make your exercise regimen even more effective

"If you do it (massage) before you're going to increase your range of motion therefore you are going to be able to work out a little easier you're not can have your muscles fighting against you and then if you do it afterwards that's going to help reduce some of that fatigue and soreness that you normally deal with." Said Shald.

Many folks have developed a routine that maximizes the amenities of the Avera McKennan Fitness Center. Their workout starts in the gym and ends on Sarah's table.  
Most first-timers tend to be nervous, but Sarah reiterates that massage therapists want you to help them, help you. So don't be afraid to speak up.

"You can talk through it! If you need to ask questions you are going to be more relaxed after you ask that question. After you tell them oh that's maybe a little too deep or I don't necessarily really like what you're doing right now; that doesn't hurt our feelings! we want you to feel good when you are walking out of here." Said Shald.

Stress unfortunately is a part of life but don't let stress turn into pain, instead let therapists like Sarah help you release it.  

"So many people think that pain is just something that we live with and it doesn't have to be." Said Shald.

Massage therapists are available seven days a week for walk-ins, but to ensure you get a spot on the table it is best that you schedule ahead of time. For more information about fitness center services just call 877-AT-AVERA.

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