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Expectations for the 'State of the Union' address

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The president will make his 'State of the Union' address tonight.

It's a time for the Commander-in-Chief to talk about the issues on the minds of Americans, such as government spying, the Affordable Care Act, or the economy.

And it's also a time for the president to try and up his approval ratings.

President Obama will deliver his 'State of the Union' address before a joint session of Congress and millions of Americans.

We can expect him to talk about several  issues affecting the middle class and his plans for getting the country, back on the right track.

It's a make or break night for a struggling White House

The state of the union. A chance for President Obama to sell his agenda to the American public.
The expected laundry list of priorities will be familiar: background checks, comprehensive immigration reform, and raise the federal minimum wage.

It's a roadmap aimed largely at boosting the middle class.

But this year's speech will focus less on lofty ambitions and more on what can practically be achieved. Speaking to a sharply divided congress, the president will say he's not
going to wait for lawmakers to act.

The president already has said "where I can act on my own, without congress, I'm going to do so."

It's a chance for the president to turn the page after the botched health care roll out.
but he faces an uphill battle.

According to the latest ABC news/Washington Post poll, just 37% believe the president has the ability to make the right decisions for the country.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said "the president sees this as a year of action. To work with congress where he can and to bypass Congress where necessary."

But could this unilateral strategy make Republicans even less likely to compromise?

Republican Senator Rand Paul said "it sounds vaguely like a threat and has a certain amount of arrogance."

To make progress on his most substantial proposals, the president will ultimately need Congress' help.

There's certainly a long list of issues concerning Americans.   

Tuesday night's 'State of the Union' is also a chance for the president to inspire the nation and boost his low approval ratings.

You can watch the president's 'State of the Union' address on KSFY or live streaming on ksfy.com, tonight at 8.

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