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Avera Medical Minute AQoP: A look at Functional Movement Systems

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Taylin Alm works with Andrew Murphy and Thomas Gulledge on perfecting basic movements in an FMS screen Taylin Alm works with Andrew Murphy and Thomas Gulledge on perfecting basic movements in an FMS screen

Sports injuries are usually paired with a long path to recovery, but what if you could help prevent an injury before it happened?  That's the idea behind FMS training and this concept is getting a few local sports stars back in the game.

We see their accomplishments on the court but for Mitchell stars Macy Miller and Taylin Alm, their success has also had its share of struggle. For Macy it was a torn ACL, for Taylin it was dislocated knee caps. To get back on the court, they've gone back to the basics with Functional Movement Systems.

"It's the kind of stuff that we want to apply to everything the athlete! Whether it's a football player or basketball player ,it really doesn't matter. This can apply to every single sport because all it is is movement and how you move." Said Thomas Gulledge, the fitness coordinator at the Mitchell Recreational Center.

Put simply, FMS training is all about making sure each movement pattern is mechanically sound.

"At first I was really confused because I didn't know what to do!" Said Alm.

Many of our movements are self taught and may seem normal but could also be putting additional strain on the body. FMS in this sense is correction therapy.

"Really everything behind this from our end is injury prevention, how can we keep kids actually on the field more often?" Said Gulledge.

These exercises aren't as easy as they look.

"(I was) a little nervous! I didn't want to re-injure my knee." Said Miller.

And it is hard to unlearn unsound movements.

"Just like doing a lunge or squat, I can't do that very well but I mean we're going to get through that!" Said Alm.

The different exercises and movements are one element. Paired with Dartfish Software and cameras; video is then captured of each movement and allows trainers to show the girls where they're struggling.

"It does, it's real time feedback to be able to apply that and show them exactly what they were doing and exactly where the problem is they can immediately make that adjustment in their head." Said Gulledge.

"They can analyze it and show you what you're doing wrong like if you need to go lower on your lunges or just bad placement on your knees they can show you what's wrong and fix it for you." Said Miller.

As the girls work on their movements and data is collected the trainers and doctors now have a visual history to look back on.

"And then if something happens later on in life you can go back and go okay last time you were screened we can look at everything and see what's happening in between and make changes as needed." Said Andrew Murphy, the Acceleration Coordinator for Avera Queen of Peace Sports Medicine.

The FMS screenings are a co-op between Avera Queen of Peace Sports Medicine and the Mitchell Rec Center. The goal of the program  is to use the technology to help people of all ages move like they should and the track record of these athletes is a proven one.

"It helped a lot with everything and rehab because I had to come back from the ACL injury and it's helped me a lot." Said Miller.

"It gives me confidence to know that people care about how well I do and they want me to succeed to the higher level." Said Alm.

The entire Dakota Wesleyan football team went through the FMS screening this past fall so going into next season they have a baseline test should injuries pop up. For more information on Functional Movement Systems just call 877-AT-AVERA.

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