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Local lawmakers react to President Obama's State of the Union Address

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Lawmakers and others across the country are already taking to social media with reaction and commentary on President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Republican House Speaker John Boehner posted a vine last night, thanking the President for a shout out in the State of the Union speech, but then asking ‘where are all the jobs."

Jobs and minimum wage were some of the main topics in the state of the union address. Lawmakers in South Dakota and Minnesota are also reacting to the President's suggestions for job growth.

Senator John Thune released this statement following the speech Tuesday night:

"The President has called for a year of action, yet tonight he failed to mention common-sense, bipartisan measures that would actually make it easier and less expensive to create jobs, like approving the Keystone pipeline, repealing the job-killing ObamaCare medical device tax, or stopping the EPA's backdoor energy tax. The only way to give Americans real opportunity and prosperity is to give them access to jobs. A year of action should be about creating jobs to lead to a better, brighter future for middle-class families."

Representative Kristi Noem agreed that de-regulation is the best way to generate jobs, suggesting the Federal Government should learn to model South Dakota's example.

"We work hard to keep our taxes low, to balance the budget, to keep regulations at a minimum. Tonight I was disappointed that I didn't hear that in the President's speech. In fact, he talked about more regulations, more burdens he wanted to put on businesses that he is expecting to create jobs," said Noem.

Minnesota's democratic Senator Al Franken said he was happy to see the president talk about jobs last night, but hopes the focus will be on developing skills for employment.

"We have over three million jobs that manufactures people in IT people in healthcare, want to fill but they can't because people don't have the skills," said Franken.

Senator Franken has proposed legislation that would help more Americans gain job skills in tech schools and other hands-on training programs across the country.

President Obama is taking his State of the Union speech on the road Wednesday for a two-day, four-state campaign. He begins at Costco in Maryland, calling on Congress to increase the minimum wage. A similar bill is also on the ballot in South Dakota right now.

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