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Explaining Tonya Drueppel to your child

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Tonya Drueppel appeared in court today.

She is a former Sioux Falls middle school teacher accused of starting a sexual relationship with a student.

It is important to remember this type of relationship between a student and a teacher is rare.

But it cannot hurt to talk to your child about what to do if they are put in that situation.

They need to feel that it is OK for them to bring the subject up to you.

Kids should know that if something like this happens to them, they will not get blamed.

An open conversation with your child about Tonya Drueppel and her student may be hard to start.

"First make the time. Second thing to do is to preface that it's not the student's fault." Said Clinical Therapist at Stronghold Counseling Kristiana Benson.

She added it can be used to teach your kid what to do if they ever feel uncomfortable with an adult, "Please talk. Because unfortunately no one knows unless you say something. So please say something. And it's important to talk it out to and to let somebody know and they can help figure it out."

Benson said any child can be vulnerable because kids are trusting and they want to feel accepted, especially by people like their teachers.

"Late childhood, early adolescents, adolescents, beginning that late childhood age, where identity, self-confidence, self-appearance, how they feel about themselves and how they feel about the world, that can become really, really important to them." She said.

Even if it is difficult - the most important thing is - that as a parent, you're starting the dialogue at home.

Benson said it can help if the school gets involved as well.

She suggested assemblies or skits.

The more people who empower the child to say something the better off they will be.

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