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Local flea markets see big business from repurposing Pinterest trend

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Social media has helpedspark many trends over the past few years, from duck face to twerking and theinfamous Harlem shake videos—but its also sparked some more useful trends,especially on Pinterest.

One of those big trendsis repurposing old furniture and items to fit in with modern décor.

"So there is a lot of furnitureout there that is really well made because they used to make it really sturdy.It was built to last, it was built to hand down generation after generation,but some eras are ugly now or the items have been damaged over time," said JessicaMedici, the Owner of Aviena in the 8th & Railroad center.

With the help of ideasharing on Pinterest, more of that old, damaged furniture is now being put togood use.

"The new trend is that it'sworth fixing that leg or fixing that drawer or giving it an overall face liftto make it usable…. I think it's really encouraged people to say oh I have oneof those old things sitting in the basement wasting away, I can pull that outand make it cool again. Or oh great aunt so and so tried to give me one ofthose and I said no, I better take it, because it could be really cute!" saidMedici.

"It[painting furniture] is a trend with a lot of the younger generation absolutelyloves…I think it personalizes your furniture and it can also do an accent inyour home," said Dianne Johnson, a retailer at Picker's Flea Market in Sioux Falls.

This new repurposingtrend has meant a lot of business for the many new flea markets, thrift andconsignment furniture stores in the area.

"Last weekend it wasjust crazy in here, the amount of people coming in, and I would say about 80-85percent are all coming out with something, so they're finding something thatthey like," said Brenda Engen-Co-owner of the brand new Picker's Flea Market locatedon Shirley Avenue near the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls.

Whetheryou're looking for a repurposed item or an older item you can re-finish on yourown, it's important to remember safety and feasibility.

Beforeyou begin a project, make sure you have the correct paint, supplies and skillsfor the job.  Also make sure you know thelimitations for practical use of some of these older items.

"Someof those can be so cute, the antique cribs, the antique high chairs and thingslike that are adorable as decor, but a lot of them have obvious safetydrawbacks and there's a reason those things have been updated over the years,the safety requirements and things are just built safer now," said Medici.

Ifyou're using older materials like reclaimed wood or pallets, also be mindful ofwhere those items are coming from. Not all are created equal.

"Youreally have to be careful and know the source because a lot of those palletsare treated with chemicals and will continue to leach out into your home… younever know what spilled on the pallet, you never know what got on the palletwhile it was in transfer and you never know what's going to continue to leachout of the pallet," said Medici.

Withthe right know how and a little common sense, Pinterest fans can have theirhands full with some useful, repurposed furniture projects from markets rightin our area.

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