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Reactions to Super Bowl Commercials, including local spots

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With an uneventful Super Bowl game Sunday night, many people are more enthused about the newly released commercials.

Its also getting advertisers enthused. For people working in the advertising industry, the Super Bowl is something like a national holiday. All of the buzz around the big game day ads brings their business and their brands to the forefront.

Many companies worked to increase that Super Bowl buzz by releasing their ads a few days before game day. Local advertisers say it's a trend that's likely to continue.

"People are going to buzzing and tweeting and sharing their thoughts and opinions during the Super Bowl. It's a great natural way to extend that to really leverage conversation and engagement with consumers prior to the Super Bowl as well as after," said Billie Jo Waara, the vice President of Media, Insights and Planning with Lawrence and Schiller in Sioux Falls.

The buzz continues Monday in the post-Super Bowl haze, but many Americans already chose their favorite ads. There were some very popular national ads from Budweiser, Doritos, Coca-Cola, Radio Shack and many more. But along side these big name, big money ads were also a few local ads.

While the national ads hit a record this year at $4 million per 30 second spot during the biggest television audience of the year, local spots running during the game only cost about $5,000. Local advertisers say it's a worthy investment for the number of people a company can reach in just one night.

"The ability to take a local brand or a regional brand and to pay what really is a fraction of the cost and to be on the same stage, it's a great investment," said Mark Glissendorf, the Senior Vice President of Operations and Multimedia at Lawrence and Schiller in Sioux Falls.

But being on the same stage as those big name brands, local advertisers said it is very important that their commercials are up to par with the national brands.

"The brands rely very heavily on story telling. In a minimum a good ad needs to communicate a good advantage for that brand but to be the most effective you have to be very engaging with your audience and story telling is a great technique to do that," said Glissendorf.

Lawrence and Schiller used that technique in the three local ads their agency released during the Super Bowl.

If you missed those ads or any of the Super Bowlads on game day, you can find them all on YouTube or other social media sites. You can also find clips on and vote for your favorite commercial of Super Bowl 2014.

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