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Some super bowl ads not well-received

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Many people watched the super bowl for the ads. One of the favorites was Budweiser's 'best buddies' showing the friendship between a dog and a horse. It was well-received by animals and rescue groups. 

Others were less well-received and shine a light on attitudes. 

Whether you're a Seahawks fan, a Broncos fan or neither, this year's super bowl ads proved to be more of a talker than last night's game. From Cheerios to Coca-Cola, both had a strong message. While some were well-received, others, not so much. 

"If you can pick one thing you want the world to know, this is the day of the year that if you do an effective advertisement, you can get the point across," Mark Glissendorf said. 

Local marketing experts say the super bowl commercials had all sports of consumer-based techniques on proud display. 

Coca Cola had a simple message of a connected world with 'America the Beautiful' sung in a handful of languages. That was not well-received by some. 

"Coke is such a brand-loyal company and they have been since day one. I don't think that message is going to alienate anyone who are brand-loyal. The types who had a problem, It's a very outspoken minority of people, could have problems with a lot of things that don't make sense to the normal person," USD Associate Professor Brandon Nutting said. 

"It'll be interesting to see Coke's takeaway, if it'll be seen in the future or taken off the shelves," Glissendorf said. 

Another talker, Cheerios featured an interracial family. A similar ad was produced back in 2013 and not so universally received. 

"Cheerios stuck to their gun, ran with the ad as a continuation of the last ad. By putting this out there, they're saying your minority amount of people upset, it's 2014, you need to get over it so here's this message we'll just continue," Nutting said. 


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