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Does It Work? Light Angel

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You see the ads during your favorite TV show in the afternoon or late at night and often you see an aisle dedicated just for them. "As Seen on TV" products promise to make our lives better. So once again, Nancy Naeve is putting them to the test. She enlightens us on the Light Angel in this Does It Work?

When my alarm goes off at 2 am it is not this bright in the house. It's more like this. I can barely see to pick up my dogs and get them downstairs. So imagine how hard it is to get clothes out of my closet with an overhead light that doesn't work.

Here's a clip from part of the As Seen on TV commercial for Light Angel, "I'm Anthony Sullivan for the Light Angel, the motion activate LED light that starts up in seconds and goes practically anywhere. Light Angel is weather resistant adhesive sticks to practically anything. The secret's in the technologically advanced motion detector that automatically activates the light whenever a human, pet or automobile crosses its path."

I live in a very old house where lighting is a premium. The closets are also very small with no electricity there so in the morning I can barely see so I'll be happy if this works. It pivots, just turn the switch on in the back but it order for it to work the very first time, you have to do it in a dark place and it's activated by motion. Let's put it in here (closet) to see if it works.

Oh ya!! Can you see this? Normally I don't like LED lights because I don't think they get bright enough, but this one is pretty bright.

There is a little sticker thing we are going to mount on the back to put on the wall. In the commercial it shows 3 of these stickers. My box only came with one. Hopefully it will be strong enough to hold it up. I'm going to put it up here. It's supposed to stay on for 60 seconds (if there is no motion) so I'll close the door to see if it shuts off.

It's been a minute so we'll open the door to see if it's off. The great thing about this the motion of me opening the door turned on the light again. I love this thing. $12.99 for a girl with no lights in her closet, it works! I love it. I can actually see what I'm going to wear tomorrow. Hmm maybe this.

You can find the Light Angel at Wal-Mart or Walgreens. And I still love than when I open my closet door, that light comes on.



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