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Gun owners talk gun rights

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The Dakota Territory Gun Collector's Association kicked off its big event in Sioux Falls Saturday.

Private gun dealers, owners, sellers and traders came together to show off their firearms -- all of this among continued nationwide debate over gun control.

A lot of gun owners told us that the current laws must be enforced. They say there's no need for more gun laws when the current ones aren't even being followed.
"It's not being enforced, no. The laws --  if they were  enforced the way they are right now -- would be fine. We don't need no more. No more laws," said Jerry Hertel, gun owner.

Jerry Hertel says he's confident his gun rights will never be taken away.

"The second amendment ensures us. The Constitution says we can own guns and that's the way it'll be. If there's a cop 10 miles from you, they can't protect you. The only way you can protect yourself is man up, get a gun and do it," said Hertel.

Fred Vandersnick says education is key.

"Education is a big thing when it comes to having firearms. You have to know what it's used for and how to use it and how to take care of it," said Fred Vandersnick, gun owner.

So what about those who are opposed to guns and who say guns kill people -- and not people kill people?

"Any kind of a vehicle or a firearm gets in the hands of wrong people, they can do damage with whatever they got -- be it a gun or a baseball bat or golf club. There's crazy people out there that will do crazy things with whatever kind of implement they have at hand," said Vandersnick.

The overwhelming response from gun owners was that there doesn't need to be more gun control, but more gun education.

Many gun owners told KSFY that guns are what help to drive South Dakota's economy. They say the pheasant season opener is just one of those examples. It almost doubles the state's population.
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