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Does It Work? GripGo

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So what can't you live with out? You know all those "As Seen on TV"' commercials convince you to buy those products. Nancy Naeve is testing the GripGo. It's supposed to make phone calls easier in the car, but does it work?

Are you always fumbling, bumbling, when you're trying to get your phone when you're driving. It's in your pocket and your seat belts on and you can't get it out. Well wouldn't it be so much easier if your phone was attached here? Well the GripGo said it's perfect for us.

Take a listen to part of the commercial:
"Just attach the suction cup to your windshield or dash and grip go grabs your phone ultra fast. Then look, it peels right off. And don't worry, there's no sticky residue left behind. Yet it comes right off with ease. That's the advantage of grip go. "

We're going to suction this to the windshield. Stick it on, and then you just screw it. You have to take it out of the case. Aright, you have to make sure it's wiped clean and this is supposed to just stick. Let's give her a go. With an expensive iPhone, I'm so scared it's going to fall off. Alright, so let's take a drive. We're at the fair grounds so that I wouldn't be driving into traffic. Let's just see if it stays on there. I'm kind of a wild driver! They call me Mario Andretti. Well just Troy does. He's the guy behind the camera.

Oh, the phone is ringing. So this is the test. I can just keep one hand on the wheel and I'm supposed to peel it off. Well the whole thing came off. That thing is really stuck. It's supposed to just peel right off -- like it shows in the commercial. If this thing doesn't come off my iPhone I'm gonna... Well this isn't going to fit in my phone case. How does that look, pretty good? I'm hanging up on you GripGo. I'm really mad. Don't buy it. Don't buy it. Goodbye.

I eventually got my phone off the sticky mount, but even if I wanted to try it again, the arm of the holder broke when I unlatched it and pulled it off the windshield. It totally broke. It runs about $10. Don't waste it on this.


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