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Parked cars during 'snow alerts' cost time and money

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Friday morning brought slippery streets and a snow alert to Sioux Falls.

It's important for all of us to pay attention to those alerts because it can save you money and can save the streets department some time.

Whether its online, Facebook, Twitter or your smartphone, the city of Sioux Falls wants to keep you in the know about snow alerts.

Sioux Falls Public Parking Facilities manager Matt Nelson said "it's a big push for us, for the city. We want people to move their cars, we want them to know about the snow alerts. We've got it on Twitter, email, Facebook, on our website and the newest one is a text alert."

Moving your car during snow alert can save you from a $35 ticket and it can also save the city's street department, time.

Sioux Falls Street Fleet manager Galynn Huber said "the more vehicles that are sitting on the street that we have to plow around, the longer it takes to get the city done. Then we have to come back.  Once the cars are moved we have to come back and re-plow that area back in again. We're actually doubling up on a lot of that work."

Sioux Falls has issued about 1200 snow alert citations this year. Earning the public parking department about $20,000 per alert.

"I don't think anybody is happy when the get a citation but I think most of them understand if they've lived here for more than a year, they know that we've got to keep the streets clear," Nelson said.

"Our plan isn't to use this as a revenue. We use the citations to get the streets clear so we can properly plow them and keep the city mobile," Nelson added.

"It goes quicker for us if it's clear and we can go straight down the street without having to go around it. It get's a little bit of frustrating for them that we could actually do it better," Huber said.

Which is the goal of the crews who keep our streets clear.

"They're really proud. They like to make sure that when they look back at the street that it's clear curb to curb. When they see these cars there and they're plowing around them, it's knowing that they're going to have to come back and do some more work on the street," Huber said.

The snow alert in Sioux Falls will last through the weekend.

Work is already underway in Zone 3.

Plowing begins tonight in Zone 2.

And Zone 1, which is downtown, gets underway late Sunday night. Cars should already be moved from emergency snow routes.

You can get a text alert sent to your phone anytime a snow alert is issued.

Just text the word SNOW to 605-413-19-90.  

You may subscribe to email snow alert notifications by creating an account at and selecting "Snow Alert Emails" in the subscribe section.

Snow alerts and updates are also on Twitter at and Facebook at

Otherwise, those tickets will cost you $35.

And with the city making about $20,000 per snow alert, that's practically enough to buy a car.

So save yourself some money, sign up for the alerts online or on your phone, and move your car.



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