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Taking sides on south side Walmart

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Municipal elections are less than two months away and one ballot issue is drawing a lot of attention.

Voters will decide whether to rezone a plot of land at 85th and south Minnesota, which would clear the way for Walmart to build a new store.

Now, former lawmakers are taking sides and they each have strong opinions.

But it all revolves around business.

One supporter said he should not be the one to judge what business goes where.

The opposition says Walmart runs small businesses out of town.

On April 8th voters will decide the fate of a south side Sioux Falls Walmart.

It would go on 85th and Minnesota.

Former US Senator Jim Abourezk is against the idea because he said Walmart takes jobs from small business owners, "Their propaganda says they're going to have a lot more tax money coming in, but that's the same old tax money. Instead of going through these small business people, it goes through walmart. So, what's the big deal there, we're being conned by a massive corporation which is an expert at conning people."

He said small businesses will be run out of town, and the owners will have to go to work at walmart for minimum wage.

"The community will do a lot better with a number of small business people rather than having them driven out of business by a giant store like Walmart, that has unlimited money and a slick PR program to come in and make people think they're saving money by shopping at Walmart."  Abourezk said.

Former State Rep. Gene Abdallah supports the south side Walmart and signed the letter showing up in Sioux Falls mailboxes.

"I just think that Sioux Falls is growing and if we want to continue to grow, we have to have more jobs."

He added the Walmart has to go somewhere and sees no reason why it should not be at that intersection.

"I think if they want to build it there and it's within the law let them build it. It's not up to me to decide where they want to build it." Abdallah said.

Sioux Falls City Council approved the south side Walmart about six months ago.

If you vote yes on the Walmart question on Election Day, you will be upholding the council's decision to build.

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