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South Dakota House approves Pledge of Allegiance plan

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 The Pledge of Allegiance is back in the spotlight tonight.

 The South Dakota House passed a bill today that would require all public schools to give students the option to say the pledge every day.

 Representative Hal Wick introduced a bill that requires every class in South Dakota public schools to recite the pledge daily. However, a student can choose to not say it. "We cannot force people to do something against their will. We have freedom of speech but we don't have the freedom to make somebody say something they don't want to."

 He says starting in 19-5, some schools stopped saying the pledge. He thinks that's inappropriate. "I think taking time to say the pledge helps instill an understanding a love and a thoughtful process of being in our country and why we can do what we can do in this country. There's no other place in the world like this "

 Veteran and Deacon James Boorman supports this bill because he says it all comes down to patriotism. "If we don't instill a sense of patriotism now, in the next several generations of students, then who's going to stand up in harms way for the safety and security and freedom of this country next? That has to be done at our school levels."

 However, ensuring that children have the choice to say the pledge, is important to Boorman and Representative Wick. "I think the children should be able to have the choice. I think most of them given the choice would do it. But there may be some that don't want to and they should have that Freedom of Speech as well."

 We also spoke with Sioux Falls School Board President Doug Morrison. He thinks this all stemmed from the controversy that happened in November. He's right.. Wick confirmed that was a big push behind the bill.

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