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Brookings 5th drunkest city in America

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Brookings is on a list it likely does not want to be on.

It is one of the top ten drunkest cities in America, according to

The website made the list by adding up the percentage of binge drinkers and the percentage of heavy drinkers.

Not surprisingly, there were a lot of college towns on the list.

Brookings is one of South Dakota's biggest college towns, so it fits in.

Being ranked the fifth drunkest town in America is not something Brookings is too thrilled about.

But students at SDSU seem OK with it.

"Honestly, I know a lot of students are proud of it saying 'Yay we're number five,' but the adults I know are a little upset about it, teachers I have heard commenting on it too." Said SDSU sophomore Kristen Binger.

While Doug Wermedal with student affairs is not happy with the title, he is not under the assumption that college students do not drink, "I don't really take that ranking too terribly seriously. Because if you look in the story, especially for college students, they call it a binge drink if anyone underage takes any drink at all and obviously we're respecters of South Dakota codified law, but one drink by most standards is not a binge drink." He said.

He added SDSU uses alcohol education classes and their a good relationship with police to help keep the students in line.

"The message isn't enforcement, the message is education. Where education isn't successful, enforcement, obviously, takes over." Wermedal said.

Brookings Police Chief Jeff Miller is on the same page.

"We operate a lot on prevention and I think that what we've done in years past with house parties, certainly that message has gotten around. That if you keep it small, keep it quiet, you probably won't get a visit from Brookings Police Department." Miller said.

But if education and prevention do not work, the Brookings Police will be knocking your door.

"Still binge drinking and excessive drinking is a concern and we attack that with enforcement. Whether it's underage consumption or DUI arrest." Miller added.

Brookings comes in right behind Fort Collins.

But the drunkest city on the list?

Our neighbor to the north, Fargo, takes the number one spot.

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