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Avera Medical Minute ASM: gaining strength through hip replacement

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South Dakota prides itself on being rural but as the population and its age continues to grow, so does the need for medical care. Failing joints are high on that list but Avera St. Mary's in Pierre is doing its part to ensure you can live on the prairie and still get top notch care.

Just doing these simple motions used to be a challenge for Charles Draper and he was a prisoner to his pain.

"I did not want to live with it, it was just something that I had to fix, it was just tough getting around you know walking with a limp, tough on stairs." Said Draper.

The problem was Charles' hip. After visiting with Dr. Gonzalo Sanchez, an orthopedic surgeon at Avera St. Mary's, a total hip replacement was his best option.

"Exercises and Injections don't tend to work well in the hip or last as long so it's not quite as easy to take care of them without doing something more significant." Said Dr. Sanchez.

Charles' hip was bone-on-bone so Dr. Sanchez performed surgery to replace the damaged joint. A procedure that could be done right here in Pierre.

"We try to keep as up-to-date as possible and it's even more important being in a town in a region where we practice because people want the best so absolutely that's what we should be doing, we have to keep on top of that sort of thing." Said Dr. Sanchez.

Charles' new hip is doing great. A lot of this rehab is for other joints and muscles that have been over-compensating for the bum hip.  

"Usually people kind of go downhill for awhile while their joint wears out so really we are just bringing people back up to where they were before it's not so much rehabbing the joint as rehabbing whole patient and getting them back to the activities they want to do." Said Dr. Sanchez.

For Charles that means being able to tackle the stairs so he can watch his Pierre Governors shoot some hoops. To him, A little pain is worth the gain.  

"It's great! These people are super, we have a good time, we laugh too but I have a therapist that's pretty serious and she takes pretty good care of me." Said Draper.

It seems like everyone and their lawyers have an opinion about hip replacements.  
There are different methods and different types of artificial joints, but it's not just a "big city" procedure and you can trust your doctors to know what's best for you.  

"I feel like it's not only my job to treat the illness, or the disease, or the injury and make it better but also to relate to them what the options are." Said Dr. Sanchez.

For Charles, Dr. Sanchez was the answer and the results have been delivered.

Jake Iversen: How does it feel now?
Charles Draper: No pain whatsoever.

Hip problems aren't always identified by hip pain. In Charles' case it was back and leg pain.  Also, Surgery is not the only answer so see your doctor first to find your options. For more information about hip replacements just call 877-AT-AVERA.


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