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Water in Summit safe to drink

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A frozen water tower has kept crews in the community of Summit busy this weekend in order to protect the water supply for people who live there.

We are being told that the water is safe to drink as crews work to repair the tower. The only difference right now is how the water supply gets to its neighbors.

It's not very often that you hear about a water tower freezing but Summit's mayor Pete Eccles says it's actually happened before -- about  five years ago. 

It was about a month ago that the water tower in Summit froze. Contractors came in to thaw it out but it froze again cracking the trap riser pipe on the tower. 

This means more than $60,000 will be spent to get the water tower back in working order.

For now, the water is being run straight from the well to residents' houses. 

Eccles says the water won't run out. Instead of water filling up the tower and naturally emptying out, the city has to keep its pumps running all day long.

Even though this will not be cheap, Eccles says some additions to the tower should solve this problem.


"And now we'll put a de-icer that floats around up there and a circulation pump that'll keep the water moving so that will hopefully help it from happening again. Just those two items are  14,000. To have them come and thaw it was $13,000," said Eccles. 

Eccles says the water may have an odor to it but it is safe to drink.


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