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Does It Work? Potato Express

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Baked potatoes fresh out of the oven are delicious, but also time consuming. But what if you could get that same consistency and tenderness but in a fraction of the time. Nancy Naeve sees if the "Potato Express" can deliver.

 Let's admit it. We are a busy society. Who has time to go home and make an oven dinner for the kids and everyone is going to activities. So a baked potato in an oven will take 45 minutes. We're going to see if the Potato Express can do it in four (minutes) and still be delicious.

Here's part of the commercial:
"Introducing Potato Express: The secret is in the unique insulation design. That creates a steam pocket to cook potatoes to perfection. Not too soggy, not too dry. Just tender skin and fluffy potato goodness every time."

I got a few request to try this and one thing I love about it is all the instructions, the warnings, the do's and the don'ts are right on the bag. So, you never have to worry about losing it. I don't know if it gets wiped off over time, but right now it looks pretty good. I got a regular recipe potato. Pretty easy, even I can do this.
You just stick it in the bag, close it up. Now I wanted to do this at our office/break room because microwaves are usually lower wattage than you have a home. So, the time may very. We're going to try it at four.

Alright, our four minutes are up. Let's check this. Oh yeah, he's still hard. But he is cooking. So we're going to put him back in. And again, we just had to wash it. No poking, no peeling or anything! And because our turn table doesn't seem to be moving, I'm going to flip it over and cook it for another minute.

Okay, let's check it. Now if you really think about it, this is half the watts really of what my microwave at home is and usually all of yours. So if it takes twice as long, I get that. I'm not discounting him yet. I really wish I would have brought some sort of tongs.

Ooh, look what else I have! Remember the aero knife? I have four of these things and I love um! I think he's ready. Ooh, he's hot. Oh, ouch, he's really hot! I think he's done though! Let's put a little butter, I hope none of my health people are watching.  He does seem very nice on the inside and outside. Not dry like it said.
Let's see if it works. That's 10 Dollars well spent! I love you Potato Express. Thanks for lunch! It works.

The Potato Express works on sweet potatoes, any types of potatoes and corn on the cob. Just keep in mind, the time will vary depending on the size of the vegetable and the power of the microwave.


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