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Is money waiting for you in unclaimed property?

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"$122 million." Said South Dakota Treasurer Richard Sattgast.

A price tag like that, may sound fake.

"Uh! It's totally exciting and it's also a little bit unnerving." He added

But $122 million is how much unclaimed property came into the South Dakota Treasury's office, just this year.

"This is a record year and I don't know that we'll see another one like this. It was truly a record year. And we were completely shocked. We weren't anticipating this to come in." He said.

Sattgast said of all that money, only about $4.7 million has been returned to its owners.

But that is still more than half of what they usually get in an average year.

"Last year we took in $50 million, which was a huge chunk also, but typically in previous years it would about $8 million that we would take in." Sattgast explained.

If you have ever left a safe deposit box just sitting for three years or over paid a bill and the company couldn't find you, it goes to the Treasury Department in the Capitol.

"We have three full time people who process all of those and this last year we processed several thousand applications to try to get this money back to who it belongs to." He said.

The amount of money you can have sitting, just waiting, for you to pick up can vary.

"The average amount is about $50 to $75. But we had somebody in South Dakota receive $1.4 million." He said.

But second grade teacher Megan Deal,

"I don't know what I was thinking or how I could have missed it." She said.

Had $800 waiting.

"It was crazy! I got home to my husband and I was like, 'Oh, it was only like $50.' And he was like, 'Hey, that's $50!' And I was like 'Just kidding!' and showed him the amount. So it was truly a blessing because that's how we did Christmas and paid some bills. It was very, very welcoming." Deal said.

She heard about it from a friend.

So she checked the website -- -- and typed in her name.

She was a little skeptical of it.

Since she lives in Pierre, she went to the office herself.

"it was wonderful! I started crying in the office I'm like, 'You guys have the best job in the world!' Usually people want your money and they were giving it out." She said.

Now she recommends everyone checks it out.

"Just quick and easy! and I had money later! So two weeks later then I received the check in the mail." She said.

If you do have money waiting, there are no strings attached.

And even if there is not any money waiting for you, there could be something a little more sentimental.

"In South Dakota the vast majority of what is in a safety deposit box is memories. So they don't have any value to anybody outside the family." Said Sattgast.

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