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9 businesses fail Minnehaha County Sheriff's Department liquor sting

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The Minnehaha County Sheriff's Department is looking into underage drinking, and they're not happy with what they're finding.

Officers arranged a sting operation Tuesday night to see how easy it is for minors to buy alcohol. Nearly fifteen percent of the businesses they checked, didn't check ID's.

KSFY News asked the Sergeant behind the investigation, what happens when a business fails the test and who's held responsible.

The Minnehaha County Sheriff's office had a liquor sting operation Tuesday night to stop underage drinking. Fifty-eight businesses passed but nine failed, including T & C'S Other Place in Dell Rapids.

Minnehaha County Sgt. Michael Walsh said "it's no secret that lately in the news there's been some teenagers who've been killed in alcohol related accidents and certainly we don't want it to be easy for juveniles to get alcohol."  

And anyone who gets caught selling alcohol to a minor will be held responsible.

"The clerk is the person ultimately who's responsible for it. They're the one's who failed to check an ID or check an ID and still sold to someone, so in general, they're charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor," Walsh said.

But it's the business owner who could ultimately pay the price.

"There certainly have been businesses in the past that had a run of clerks who have sold to underage people during these compliance checks and when that has happened, they've had their licenses suspended for a period of time or even revoked," Walsh said.

Whether it's teenagers or businesses, underage drinking can hurt everyone involved.

The Sergeant tells KSFY News underage ID's have different formats, colors or shapes, and that it should be easy for properly trained clerks to tell the difference.

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