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Parents and schools address peanut bans

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A southeast South Dakota school district is banning peanut products.

The Avon district doesn't allow kids to bring food containing peanuts on school grounds.

KSFY News spoke with a mother who has a daughter with a peanut allergy.

She says her daughter goes to school in Harrisburg which also bans peanuts.

But despite her daughter having to avoid the nuts, she doesn't think it's fair to keep them away from all students.

Some schools are a peanut free zone, but Millicent's mother Michele Powell has mixed feelings about banning peanut products.

"I agree with it, however I personally would never tell another parent what they can and can not feed their child," Powell said.

These twins may look identical but only Millicent is allergic to peanuts.

"She knows not to go near it. And she won't go near it. She'll say 'I can't eat that, I'm allergic.' And if they spill it in the floor, they have to clean it up right away and she knows not to even clean it up," Powell said.

The Sioux Falls School District keeps peanuts out of the lunches it prepares. Health Services supervisor Molly Satter believes banning peanuts is ineffective.

"To be able to, to know and monitor everything that comes in and out of the school, perhaps someone has peanuts in their pocket when they come in. There's no way to police that," Satter said.

"The school's not going to always be there. They're going to grow up, they're going to go to college, they're going to go to work and they're going to have to deal with their allergy and know what they can and cannot eat," Powell said.

But for those kids who need protection from peanuts, some say it's about education.

"The parent also needs to teach their child. You can't always expect the school to do it . I know a lot of products these days say they may contain nuts or peanuts but I don't think that any child should be told I can't make them a peanut butter sandwich and take it to school," Powell said.

And just like Michele, the Sioux Falls School District policy also stresses the importance of awareness in battling food allergies. It works to educate parents, teachers and students on a case-by-case basis.

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