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Seat belt saves Sioux Falls man

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We've heard it time and time again -- seat belts save lives.

A Sioux Falls man says buckling up Wednesday morning saved his.

Jorge Ferguson had just dropped off his son at school and was making his daily commute to work on I-29 when he hit a patch of ice, sending his car rolling eight times into a ditch.

"It's like the worst amusement ride you've ever gone through but one that you are surprised that you survived. That's what it was -- literally like being in an amusement park," said Ferguson.

But because he was wearing his seat belt, he was able to walk away without a scratch.

"I also could feel myself hitting the seat belt and it kept me in place. My arm was the only thing that went free. I pulled that in myself -- otherwise I know I would have -- if my arm went out the window, everything tells me I would have followed it if hadn't been wearing my seat belt," said Ferguson.

"Lately we've had quite a few fatality crashes with people who have not been wearing their seat belts that ended not well. In this situation -- bad crash, buckled up, he's walking around," said Kristoff Dekramer, South Dakota Highway Patrol.

Although Ferguson doesn't want to relive the accident, he's taking pictures to show others that the two seconds it took him to buckle up, saved his life.

"I have two sons. They're 18 and 19. I have taken pictures of this because I want them to understand the example. Seat belts save lives. That's all. That's the message. Seatbelts save lives," said Dekramer.

"You have to wear your seat belt. You have to. I don't care how far you're going, how comfortable it is. This is a trip I take every day. If I hadn't worn my seat belt, I wouldn't be making this trip tomorrow," said Ferguson.

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