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Bill to outlaw dog breed bans

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A bill outlawing the ban of certain dog breeds is making its way to Governor Daugaard's desk.

The South Dakota House passed the bill this week.

Sioux Falls does not have a ban on any breeds, but keeping it that way is important for people working with dogs.

They do not think keeping breeds out of the community will do any good.

Sioux Falls Animal Control sees about 170 dog bite cases a year.

But Animal Control Officer, Ben Van Laar, said there is not a particular breed that bites more than others.

"Typically, it's the most common breeds, so Pit Bulls, Labs and your little breeds, Chihuahua and even Dachshund," he said.

Van Laar added most cases involve people playing with a dog and getting bit by accident, which is why he supports the bill that bans certain dog breed bans.

"I just feel a breed ban isn't going to do anything. There's always ways to get that certain breed into the city limits and its just not worth it. Because any dog can be labeled as a vicious dog and if you ban a Pit Bull, great, then it's going be Labs, and people are going to want to ban Labs," he said.

In fact, dog breed bans would make his day more hectic.

"Make it a lot more stressful. Because then we'd have to go find that certain breed and we'd have calls saying this person has this kind of breed that banned and we would have to go and remove that animal," he said.

When he removes the animal, it goes to the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society, which also supports the bill.

"This is going to be great for a lot of people. You should be able to have the kind of animal that you want," said Executive Director, Kori Baade.

She added this bill would be easier for people working in shelters like hers, "For us, as a humane society, we are very happy. Because what happens is various places have bans on certain animals and so then they all are surrendered to our care."

She said dog owners are the real winners, "You can keep your own animals and have them forever."

Baade added the new ban will make adopting animals they already have in the humane society a lot easier, because no dogs will be outlawed.

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