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Crimea to vote to become part of Russia

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The situation in Ukraine is escalating.

Next Sunday Crimea will hold a referendum to see if the people want to become part of Russia.

University of Sioux Falls Professor Dr. Kermit Staggers said he is certain of the outcome.

"We all know that Crimea is going to vote to become part of Russia. One way or the other, Putin is going to make sure that those votes are there," he said.

Staggers added Putin will then spin the vote to make himself look better.

"He's trying to portray himself as a real democrat in the sense that, 'Hey we're having the Crimean people who want to be part of Russia, we're letting them be part of Russia, this is the democratic way of doing things,'" he said.

The vote is illegal - Staggers said- because Ukraine did nothing to Russia and the vote will not go through Ukraine's government in Kiev.

But if it does go through, there won't be much the western leaders can do.

"They haven't come up with a strategy yet, or at least they haven't revealed it to the rest of the world, as to how they are going to deal with Putin which is kind of resignation that Crimea will become part of Russia," Staggers explained.

Staggers added he does not think Putin planned for this to happen.

But instead took advantage of the protests in Ukraine and decided to move in.

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