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Neighbors frustrated with high water bills

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As we first reported Tuesday, the companies managing some mobile home communities are getting rid of individual water bills.

This means everyone pays the same amount, no matter how many people live in their household -- a policy that has many people mad.

We spoke to Regional Manager Lynn Granata Wednesday. She sent us February's water and sewer bill.

It was $8,329.27. Divide that by the number of mobile homes in the Pine Meadows Park and it equals the $55 flat rate neighbors are being charged. She says they're not overcharging.

Neighbors still think they're paying too much.

Hal Lansdowne received a water bill for $150 in November. He thought it was a mistake.

"She told me I had a leak. I actually crawled underneath my trailer and looked and did not have a leak - don't have any leaks anywhere. My heat tape is fine. Everything underneath there is fine," said Lansdowne.

Management wouldn't budge and Lansdowne refused to pay the $150.

It was in February when a notice when out saying water meters would be removed and a flat rate of $55 would be charged for all those living in the three mobile home parks.

"Because about 80% of meters aren't working and to replace the meters is about $225 a home," said Granata.

"I don't like that. I think if anything she ought to put a water meter on every house -- go three month trial and see how much everyone uses," said Lansdowne.

Since mobile home parks are privately owned, it's up to the owner to decide whether they want to separately meter homes.

"What we are allowed to do, what I was told by the Sioux Falls City Water and Sewer Department, was as long as we are not producing revenue in excess of what we are billed, were good to go on flat rate for every single house," said Granata.

Lansdowne says he's been receiving notices to leave the premises monthly since November.

"So if they don't pay their rent, yes, I'm putting a notice on their door. We have to by law notify them that their rent has not been paid," said Granata.

Lansdowne says he's turned in his lot rent on time every month.

"She's refused to take my last six months rent, or since November she's refused to cash any of my lot rent checks," said Lansdowne.

"I'm not holding them hostage in my communities. They don't have to live in the community," said Granata.

"We're not low rent people. We try to take care of things. We try to fix things when we can. We just want to be treated like anybody else," said Lansdowne.

Lansdowne is not sure where to turn next in getting this resolved. I spoke to other neighbors who feel the same way.



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