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Sioux Falls police continue to look for clues in homicide investigation

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Sioux Falls Police say there are several unusual circumstances surrounding the homicide of a local woman.

Kari Kirkegaard, 56, was found dead in her home Sunday evening.

Homicides are rare in Sioux Falls.

Police say there were three for 2013.

And three months into 2014, this is the city's first.

But there are also some unusual clues about this case which make this investigation equally rare.

No signs of forced entry. No signs of a struggle. And no leads.

Police continue their investigation into the death of Kari Ann Kirkegaard

Sioux Falls Police officer Sam Clemens said "burglary robbery, that's still on the table, we haven't necessarily ruled anything out yet."

Homicide's are rare for Sioux Falls and with the exception of 2011 murder victim Maybelle Schein, so are cases in which the victim doesn't know his or her killer.

"In almost six years, there's been some connection, whether it's a relative or an acquaintance, it might be a significant other, it might be somebody that the person knows, but to have it be a perfect stranger is extremely rare, at least in Sioux Falls," Clemens said.

Police initially thought Kari may have died at home alone. Her son's fiance found her at home in the bathroom Sunday. And a call for medical help first went out for a drowning.

"Sunday night we had some information at least the bedding was missing and so that's what kind of raised some red flags but when the autopsy was done and had the preliminary cause, was homicide, that changed it," Clemens said.

It turned into a homicide investigation. And police may return to the scene to look for more clues which they hope will answer the question 'who killed Kari?'

"Essentially we're looking at doing two things, trying to find out what happened and also ruling out other things and so, some of the information or some of the time they're back at the house, it's not necessarily to get stuff, it's to check on different things and possibly rule things out," Clemens said.

Police have talked to most of her family members. They say there hasn't been any information which would lead police to believe any of them are involved.

If you have any information which can help solve this case, please call Sioux Falls Police or Crimestoppers at 605-367-7007.

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