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Mayor responds to opponent's "Integrity Pledge"

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If a mayor makes investments that must be approved by the City Council or city employees, is that a conflict of interest?

Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate Greg Jamison says yes.

Thursday, he signed a pledge that says - if elected - he will not make such investments and is encouraging Mayor Mike Huether to do the same.

Mayor Huether says - right now - there is no conflict.

And he believes it is counter-productive to focus on something that is not a real problem right now.

Mayoral Candidate Greg Jamison says people don't trust the leadership in Sioux Falls.

"This whole pledge is intended to restore trust back into local government. I believe over the last four years that trust has been eroded," said Jamison.

So, he brought forth and signed a pledge Tuesday afternoon.

That says, if elected, neither he nor his wife will invest in any real estate or business that needs City Council approval.

He invites Mayor Mike Huether to sign the pledge as well.

"I hope the Mayor is willing to sign it. I'll give him a chance, I'll bring this to him. He can come here if he'd like to sign it," said Jamison.

But, Mayor Huether believes there are other things to focus on, like keeping citizens safe and repairing infrastructure.

"There are so many issues we need to tackle and many opportunities that we need to conquer and that's what I'm going to be focusing on and I think that's what the people are going to want me to be focused on," said Mayor Huether.

In 2011 and 2013 Mayor Huether recused himself from discussion and votes for investment projects his wife was working on.

One when she was an unpaid Vice President for the Community Indoor Tennis Center.

Another when she was an investor in a multifamily housing unit in the Whittier neighborhood.

The ethics board ruled in his favor both times.

But, when asked Tuesday night, whether he thinks investments that need council oversight are a conflict of interest, he asked for a specific example.

When we offered a hypothetical one, the Mayor ended the conversation.

Jamison said he is not trying to implicate wrong doing by bringing forth this pledge.

Both Mayor Huether and Candidate Jamison had to disclose a financial interest statement when filing to run for mayor.

Both statements were approved.

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