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Virus in pigs now seen in South Dakota

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A pig disease that isspreading throughout the United Statesis now prevalent in South Dakota.This has producers worried about their livestock and consumers concerned aboutpork prices.

Porcine Epidemic DiarrheaVirus, also known as PED, has been detected on 25 South Dakota Farms. TheDisease is directed at piglets, and it can take out a whole farrow.

"What it really does is,it strikes the piglets nursing on the sow, and they will lose 80 to a hundredpercent of them," Mitch Trubenbach said.

Trubenbach ownsAgriswine Alliance, a hog management company in Hecla.

"The sows get prettysick. They'll go off and feed, and the little piglets will start scouring realbad. That's when they get dehydrated, and it ends up killing them," he said.

Keeping trucks sanitaryis key says Trubenbach.

"We feel a lot of it isbeing transferred by the trucking itself. You know, not clean trailers and soforth coming back from the packer, so we make sure all our trucks are washedand disinfected," he said.

PED has made it throughover half of the country, and it continues to cross state borders.

The disease does notdirectly affect humans, but it will affect our pocket books. Pork prices arealready at an all-time high, and if the disease persists, they will continuesto rise. 

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