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Huether, Jamison debate on KSFY

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Monday night on KSFY Television, Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether and challenger City Councilman Greg Jamison debated several issues facing the City of Sioux Falls.

 The debate was jointly sponsored by KSFY Television and the Argus Leader and was moderated by KSFY's Brian Allen and the Argus Leader's Patrick Lalley.

 During the 30 minute, commercial free broadcast the candidates were asked questions about development near the new Denny Sanford Premier Center, financial disclosures for the Mayor, members of the City Council and their family members, but the debate kicked off with a look at their management styles. For challenger Greg Jamison, it was a question of experience. He pointed to his six years of city council service.

"Having the public support you on those fashions creates some of the knowledge you need to actually be a good leader and to be maybe even the next mayor." Said Jamison.

In Mayor Mike Huether's case it was a question of whether he is too bullish and unwilling to compromise on issues.

"You're not going to make everybody happy along that journey but ultimately you have to look at what your record of success and in our city we have a great record of success." Said Huether.

Those successes are headlined by the Denny Sanford Premiere Center; a victory Jamison believes the entire council also has claim to.

"The mayor doesn't go into his office and flip the switch and all these things happen it happened with a lot of people working at the city council and the mayor." Said Jamison.

The city's growth over the past four years has spawned it's own debate over building Walmarts and other box stores. Something Huether says a mayor should always encourage.

"I have never heard anybody say you know what we need to do is now limit which store is going to come to our town; in fact I'm hearing just the opposite." Said Huether.

An increasing population means an increased crime rate. A problem Jamison claims is going unchecked.

"Since 2009 our crime has been increasing! And the mayor doesn't really recognize that there is a problem, he certainly doesn't have a plan to address it." Said Jamison.

Both hopefuls point to improving the city's police presence, specifically in downtown. On the issue of improving traffic flow in the City of Sioux Falls, Jamison says the city's new adaptive camera traffic system being used on 26th Street is showing results and should be expanded to the rest of the city. Huether says other cities are promoting more use of public transit.

Having worked a few chairs apart over the past term has bred similar ideas. But just because they have a mutual friendship and respect for one another, that isn't going to change they way either campaign.

"Let me be very clear I'm working as hard this time as I did four years ago in fact I might be working harder." Said Huether.

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