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E-cigarettes are being used for drugs

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A town hall meeting Tuesday night aimed to teach kids and parents about the dangers of substance abuse.

They have been holding this meeting for almost 10 years.

But this time, they had a whole new focus on e-cigarettes.

Because kids are now using them to do drugs.

Attorney General Marty Jackley said passing the bill making it illegal for minors to buy or use e-cigarettes will help.

But the use of e-cigarettes is a concern to many in the addiction field as well.

Simply because it is a new way for kids, and adults, to ingest drugs.

E-cigarettes are the newest way to smoke, but some kids are using them as a way to do drugs.

"We've heard they've been used with meth and marijuana. Both of those are substances that are addictive and can cause harm," said Executive Director at Prairie View Prevention Services, Darcy Jensen.

She said smoking out of e-cigarettes can mask the smell of the drug, making them harder to identify.

But it is not only drugs that are being inhaled.

"What we're also seeing with many of those is the heating of that piece causes some metal vapors to also become part of what we're inhaling," she said.

Attorney General Marty Jackely said by passing stricter laws, the South Dakota Legislature has taken positive steps to make e-cigarettes harder for kids to get.

But there is more that can be done.

"What we are seeing right now is that the statistics show that 1 in 10 high school students use e-cigarettes. And while we have not seen it to a great degree in South Dakota, in other states often times the minors are using these open system e-cigarettes to place illegal drugs, such as synthetic drugs, in as a delivery device," said Jackley.

And he says it is now up to the FDA.

"To determine whether or not there needs to be reasonable restrictions put in place of the manufacturing of e-cigarettes, so they are not used as a really inexpensive mechanism for the delivery of illegal substances into the body," explained Jackley.

Darcy Jensen added there can be some confusion among parents and kids because e-cigarettes can be called many different things, like hookah pens or vape pipes.

She said the general mechanism is the same, but the marketing is what differs.

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