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Election Day hiccups caused a longer wait for results

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Many of us were up late last night watching and waiting for the election results.

KSFY News spoke with the city clerk and the county auditor to find out why it took longer than usual.

There was a lot of work to be done at the polling centers before these ballots could make the trip to be counted.

The ballots were three inches longer than usual.

And the longer, folded absentee ballots presented another problem.

Most flew right through the polling machines but many didn't. 

The polls may have closed at 7 o'clock Tuesday night, but the voting didn't stop then.

Sioux Falls city clerk Lorie Hogstad said "when the polls close at 7, if there's anyone in line, you still have to let them vote, and nearly every vote center had people in line. In fact some had quite a few people in line, so they had to let those people vote, so that took a little time."

So why did it take so long to get those ballots counted?

"They don't just pack up the ballots, they have to clean up the entire vote center before they come in. We did have a lot of voting booths out at most of these locations, and this particular one had a lot of voting booths so they have to put all that away before they leave for the evening," Hogstad said.

Minnehaha County Auditor Bob Litz said "after 8 o'clock,  before the first one, and normally we start about 15 minutes after 7pm, and by 7:30 we've got results rolling in, it just took longer."

But that wasn't the only thing that ran longer.

"Normally we have 14 inch ballots. These are 17 inch ballots, so they droop down a little bit on the back, they seem to make it a little bit tougher for the machine to draw them across," Litz said.

What else could go wrong on election night?

"The absentees, of course since they were 17 inches, we have five folds instead of the usual four of the two that we have when you walk in and they went a little bit slower too," Litz said.

"The folds catch each other when the ballot passes over the top of one, and it kind of hooks to and when that happens, the machine shuts down," Litz added.

And while Election Day was a long one, it's not quite over yet.  Some voters who showed up to vote without ID will have to have their ballots reconfirmed.

"We have just a few things to work through and then we'll have our final resolution ready for Tuesday," Hogstad said.

"That's when it's officially official," Hogstad added.

The results of this election will be made official next week.

On Tuesday, April 15th at 7pm, the city clerk will present the final numbers in a resolution to be voted on by city council.

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