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Should you use self-defense to protect yourself?

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The city's second murder for the year has some people worried about their protection.

Many times women are attacked by someone they know.

In the recent murder of a Sioux Falls woman, police say the suspect and the victim knew each other, but they weren't boyfriend and girlfriend.

KSFY News visited an agency against violence today where they tell KSFY News our instincts can be our best line of defense.

The recent deaths of two Sioux Falls women caught the attention of The Network, an agency which offers support to victims of abuse.

The Network administrative services coordinator Kathy Rutten said "we still do a count every year of how many murders there are in Sioux Falls and in particular South Dakota and it's just not something we deal with, we deal with a lot of other crime but it's not to that extent. I think it's still shocking, and the fact that they were both women in their 50s."

Some wonder what can you do to protect yourself.

"You want to be careful about not blaming victims, that because of something they did, they asked to be murdered or sexually assaulted or hurt, but to still be aware and take precautions and to lock your doors, keep your windows locked and be aware of your surroundings," Rutten said.

Different people react to dangerous situations in different ways.

"Some people shut down, especially in a sexual assault they might go to a different place until it's over, just to survive, some people try to run away if they can, some people do fight back," Rutten said.

But fighting back is not for everyone.

"Obviously there is a time and place but you have to be very careful because it can be used against a victim if they didn't for whatever reason use self defense. You think in a situation you would know what you're going to do but until you're faced with it, you really don't," Rutten said.

There's one main lesson for those who do use self-defense.

"Hopefully if they were to survive an attack, that they know that it's not their fault, regardless of how they looked, how they dress, who they talked to, even if they thought they knew someone well, that's not their fault," Rutten said.

Some victims are stalked without their knowledge.

If you believe you are being watched by someone, keep a log of those events.

Also, most people have smartphones, so snap a picture if you feel like something doesn't seem right and trust your instincts.

Police tell KSFY News many crimes are solved by the eyes and ears of the community.

Another way you can try to stay safe is to be aware of your surroundings and organize a neighborhood watch. It's a great way to get to know your neighbors and to be aware of who's in your neighborhood.

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