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App to track allergy season

App to track allergy season

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The sun is finally out and flowers are blooming.

But that is not always good news for allergy sufferers.

Unfortunately, this season is not looking good.

But there is a different way you can track the season this year and it is by using your phone.

Because there is an app for that, it is called Allergy Alert.

Dr. Chad Thury with Avera, said if you know what you are allergic to, it could help, "I think in that situation where you can monitor something and have a little heads up as to when you need to start your medicine, it may be beneficial."

The app tells you what pollen is in the air, if it is at high, medium, or low levels for your area and gives you a forecast for the days to come.

"To use an app like that you probably want to know what you're allergic to, to use that information then as those numbers go up you can start that nasal steroid ahead of time to prevent getting bad symptoms or congestion," said Dr. Thury.

He said there is an easy way to find out what you are allergic to, so you can use the app to its full advantage.

"There are two different testings, there's skin testing, which is usually done through allergy clinics, then there's blood testing which we can do through many primary care clinics or other clinics," Dr. Thury explained

He added the tests are accurate, but even if you know what you are allergic to and if it is in the air, choosing a medicine is important as well.

"Medicines like Claritin or Claritin D, those are medicines you can pretty much take as needed. The ones that work better as far as prevention are nasal steroids. So if you wait until you're two weeks into your allergy season and you're really congested and clogged, starting a nasal steroid at that time is probably not the optimal thing to do," said Dr. Thury.

He added the best way to avoid allergies is to stay inside with the air conditioner on.

But since that is easier said than done when it is this nice out, stay on top of your medicine.

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