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Volga pastor thanks Hamlin Co. sheriff's deputy for saving his life

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A Volga pastor thanks a Hamlin County sheriff's deputy for saving his life.

The pastor and his son were playing with a football at Lake Poinsett Monday morning when the ball went into the lake, along with the father and his son.

Every day we may cross paths with strangers in our lives, but for the people who met on this lake it's nothing short of a miracle.

Hamlin County Sheriff's Deputy Jon Barthel said "[I] got the little boy in, and then the father, he was probably ten yards out there, cause once the little boy got off it, it was less weight on the canoe, so then I helped him back up and got them both in there and took them up to the house."

Deputy Barthel has been on the job only for a month, and some already consider the young deputy a hero.

Pastor Dan Overbo said "my son and I were out canoeing and we were retrieving a ball my second boy threw, Easton, 7, and when Kyan, 9, and I were coming up to the ball, we got close to it, he missed it, and I was leaning over to grab it and we both flipped over the canoe."

"I heard them screaming for help. What was going through my mind was I just needed to get out there and get them on shore, so that way, they're safe," Barthel said.

"What was going through my mind was the feeling of not being there for my boys," Pastor Overbo said.

"They're really good boys, I have a lot of fun with them and the feeling of not being there for my wife, and seeing them, just kept me kicking," Pastor Overbo added.

This peaceful lake could have been the scene of a family tragedy, instead it brings a new lease on life.

"There's been a lot of people thanking me for it, it's just what I had to do, a good act of faith, that's all it was," Deputy Barthel said.

"It really was a miracle. In this Easter season, I think of Jesus and the Resurrection. I think of brand new starts that we're given," Pastor Overbo said.

"You know, Jon gave us a start, a brand new start. I couldn't kick much more," Pastor Overbo added.

The new deputy says he was just doing his job but that's something the people he saved would call a job well done.

The pastor not only credits the deputy with saving his life, but the life jackets he and his sons always wear when out on the water.
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