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No sound for Sioux Falls tornado siren test

No sound for Sioux Falls tornado siren test

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It is starting to warm up and spring has finally arrived, but with that, comes severe weather.

This morning the tornado sirens were tested, but many in the Sioux Falls area did not hear them.

The Emergency Manager for Sioux Falls said it was a communication problem.

And other than that they are not exactly sure why it happened.

We all know what the tornado siren means - potentially dangerous weather approaching.

On Wednesday South Dakota had a state-wide test for when the storms roll through.

But people in Sioux Falls may have heard a whole lot of silence.

"We know it was a communications issue between our base stations and the units out in the field," said Regan Smith, the Emergency Manager for Sioux Falls.

He does not know how many of the 75 sirens did not sound, but they do test them frequently.

"We do a daily communications check with all of them we send out a radio signal and they pull back to us to indicate that they're operating correctly. So that happens and unfortunately the system was working correctly up until today," he explained.

Having them not go off causes some concern with Smith and with KSFY News Chief Meteorologist Phil Schreck, "I guess it's a good thing that it was a test and now that they need to know that something needs to be done and thankfully nothing was going on for real," he said.

But just to be on the safe side, he added you should not solely rely on the sirens.

"Just in case they don't, it's a good idea to have a phone with you or a radio outside just so you know what's going on if there's severe weather," said Schreck.

Schreck and Smith both stress the fact that the sirens are for people outdoors.

"People need to have a weather radio or a smart phone app. So if they're at home in the middle of the night and it's blowing, thunder, lightning, rain, and they might be sleeping, and they might not hear the outdoor warning siren," said Smith.

Regan Smith says they do a sound test at 11 AM the first Friday of every month.

The next one is a week from Friday.

Which Smith is happy about because it means they will be re-tested right away,

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