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Smartphone automatically posts selfies of man who took phone

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We've all done it at some point, misplaced our cell phone.

Many of us have our tricks to find it.

A Flandreau man tells us he lost his phone, and found a murderer.

This is a story which has a happy ending for the victim and a not so happy ending for the person found with the stolen goods. The person who unknowingly posted selfies to Facebook happened to be a wanted man, and a convicted murderer.

Daryl Whaley said "I drove up to Fat Boys Bar to have a Sunday afternoon beer, and I noticed, like you do the classic 'hey where's my phone' so I go out to my pickup and its not there."

Whaley thought he had lost his smartphone but found more than he bargained for that day.

"I made a quick trip back home before anything, and it wasn't here. Went back up town, came back home and then I noticed I had 22 pictures on my Facebook account that weren't taken by me," Whaley said.

And now he could see who might have taken his phone.

"I called the local P.D. up and said 'hey somebody stole my phone and I got the pictures of the people who have it.' They put their thumb drive in it right away and 24 hours, he's captured," Whaley said.

Which was right after police used Nathan Clary's nearby gun shop as a stakeout.

"We noticed a lot of activity going on across the street. Then there seemed to be like there were plain-clothes people around looking and walking back and forth," Clary said.

The streets of Flandreau usually don't see so much action.

"We had heard the man who had been arrested for some murders that took place, we heard in nebraska and definitely got our attention. It's a small town. You don't expect to see that kind of stuff go on in your town," Clary said.

It quieted down after law enforcement captured the selfie suspect and gave Daryl back his phone.

"I had to start all over from scratch and lost a few phone numbers, that's the worst of my predicament here," Whaley said.

Police identified the man in those selfies as Tyler Peneaux.

He was out on probation after serving time for a murder on the Omaha Reservation.

Peneaux skipped town from a Sioux Falls halfway house, and is now back in federal custody.
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